I fell off!!🥀

This world can be crazy!! I think we all know that. We are born into our societies and families with traditions and different ways of living just to one day unlearn some of the things we once held dearest. Sometimes we dont find out until later in life that we have to find our true way, we have to find ourselves.

Life is full of learning and unlearning. A cycle that often times gets repeated so many times. When I began my unlearning phase in hopes to get a better understanding of who I really am I began to feel so alone. It was hard for me because I often find myself attached to people, places and things but I had to detach myself from so much. I felt so unrelatable!! Like I couldnt relate to people like I used t be able to and people just didnt relate to me. It sucked in the beginning, I was so hurt and I tried back peddling only to find myself lost. I lost between who I was and who I am destined to be.

I had to find balance. I had to find out how I was going to center myself. How will I navigate this journey and still have pleasure in life? The answer the constantly repeats in my head is “do what works for you!”. There is no one size fits all formula to becoming ourselves in our truest forms!

What works for me may not work for anyone in this world, but I am fine with that. I do things that make me smile, things that make me laugh I even explore the darkest depths of myself so that I can overcome the things that hold me back. What I failed to realize in the beginning is we are ALL working towards becoming!! None of this happens over night and it will never be a striaght path.

The second time’s the charm?🇲🇽🌎

I have a page on Instagram (@dee_abroad) where I share my travel photos and sometimes describe my experiences in different countries. Well I shared photos from the two different places in Mexico my family and I have visited and I realized that the description of those two areas started with a bad experience on our first visit!

So it’s TRUE the first time we went to both Cozumel, Mexico and Costa Maya, Mexico we did not like it at all to the point that we were fine if we never visited again. To our surprise the very next cruise we went on had both locations on the itinerary so we had to decide how we would make the most of it! To get off the ship or stay on?…this was the question! Me being such a foodie I wanted to get off just to get another bite of the local cuisine so we decided to walk and shop around.

In Cozumel we did alot of sampling of tequila, rum cakes and other liquors (which instantly changed my views of the island for sure). Not only did that change our heart but we also spoke with the locals and decided to book our own all inclusive beach break at Tortugas Beach Club! I’m talking unlimited cocktails, snorkeling and crystal clear water!! This easily won my heart over the water was perfect and seeing the fish swim next to me made me feel so at ease. The next time we visited Cozumel we went back to the same beach club and enjoyed it just the same. Now that we know that Cozumel has much more to ooffer we will definitely venture out into more areas as well!

Costa Maya didn’t win my boyfriend over like it has won me over just yet! Yeah this area in Mexico is a little more americanized but I feel like it still has it’s own charm. The first time we went to Costa Maya we did an excursion through Royal Caribbean which included ziplining at a themepark and a beach break. The ziplining was fun an thrilling but we definitely weren’t fans of the beach, the seaweed was a little too overbearing! We ended up leaving the beach early, the fact that there is a seaweed problem every time we go to Costa Maya kind of makes this stop a little less desirable for us. Although we had that issue with Costa Maya I do always enjoy the food and fresh juices at the port. Not only do you have good local food at the port but you do have free entertainment and shopping at there as well!! My son loved watching the different tropical birds fly and the dolphins swim…we even saw some beared dragons!! So all in all if we happen to book a cruise with Costa Maya on the itinerary I would definitely have options to enjoy myself it might be an excuse for me to try their tropical spa!

When it comes to traveling I believe that we must experience destinations on our own and not base our travels off of someone else’s opinion of an area because maybe they just had a bad first experience with the area! Research is vital when it comes to traveling so that you can be sure you are getting the most out of your vacation…..and remember…the second time visiting could hold the charm!!

Nurture YOUR dreams!🌱💫

It’s so funny when I look back on the hobbies and dreams I had as a kid. I cant help but think… dang I was so creative!!! Writing songs and telling stories in my head were my favorite things to do.

Growing up alot of that slipped away from us. We go to school and learn that we must get a “serious ” career, one that pays the bills…so we abandon that inner child within us. Alot of the conflict I have faced growing into adulthood was that inner child yearning to be freed. I abandoned my creativity in order to pursue things that would “put me ahead” in life. Yes, on the surface, I was ahead in life but I was so behind spiritually because of the parts of me that I have abandoned.

Let’s fast forward, I’ve been growing into myself for years now and in the beginning I found myself looking outside of myself for support and “help” with nurturing my dreams. I used to think to myself like “dang why am I not getting feedback from more of my family and friends?” “Why arent they reciprocating the love that I give to them?” I decided it was time to branch out. I had to give myself a reality check!! My dreams and goals are mine and mine alone!! There is beauty and fear in that statement for me. The beauty is.. no one can take that from me and no one can change it! The fear is… what if it doesnt work? What if I fail? For me the beauty outweighs the fear. The beauty never expires. I can fail a thousand times but the fact that my dreams live on let’s me know that there are other routes to explore to achieve them!!!

Support or no support. My dreams are mine to nurture. I will water them, feed them, and if need be…nurse them back to health!

I am a nurturer!

Traveling through love🌍💜

Often times we travel for the experience, we travel mostly with the ones we love. What we often overlook is how traveling effects our love. Traveling effects our love for one another, our love for the world around us and our love for this life we live.

I often times reflect on the side of my love I get to witness when I’m out and about in the world watching him take in all that this new place has to offer. He gets so inspired when we travel, which in turn, inspires me. It’s like he becomes the person he actually wants to be when we are unplugged from our daily lives. Traveling together makes us stronger. Every couple has their thing and ours is traveling.

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